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Web Design

Although most of my academic work is in machine learning and artificial intelligence, I'm also interested in web technologies — and I get a kick out of building websites. I'm proficient with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also have experience with React, static site generators like Eleventy, back-end Node.js and Python servers, and content-management systems like Ghost. Below, you'll see a few of my recent web projects. If you like my work, hire me to build your site!

Tom Loveless is a former Brookings senior fellow, professor, and education policy researcher. He needed a professional website to showcase his many publications, and to allow him to publish blog posts. I built Tom's website on top of Ghost, which allows him to write blog posts that automatically publish to his site — without writing a single line of code!

Michelle Anderson is a talented short story author and novelist. She also happens to be my mom! Michelle needed a website to share her writing portfolio and boost her visibility as she works towards publishing her first novel. This simple, sleek website was the perfect fit for her needs.

About This Site

I built this site using Eleventy, a static site generator. Eleventy combines content from Markdown, HTML, and any other imaginable data source with easy-to-write templates to create a blazing fast static website! It can even ingest data from web APIs, meaning that you can create a static site based on dynamic data. Because the end result is just HTML and CSS, there's no back-end code — so it's as secure as it is fast (very). You can check out Eleventy here: