Benjamin Anderson
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About Me

I am a computer scientist with a knack for machine learning and artificial intelligence. I just finished my fellowship at Stanford's Regulation, Evaluation, and Governance Lab, and I'm looking for work as an AI research scientist, research engineer, or machine learning engineer. I am also interested in building better user interfaces for foundation models to facilitate human-AI interaction. During my time at the RegLab, I was supervised by Professor Daniel Ho, and focused on data-driven policy interventions in partnership with government agencies. My most recent research: (1) working with the Internal Revenue Service to explore the benefits of using self-supervised tabular pretraining for audit selection; and (2) using molecular phylogenomics to evaluate Santa Clara County's COVID-19 disease surveillance program.

When I'm not coding, you'll probably find me listening to a comedy podcast, sweating through a vinyasa flow, or baking artisan sourdough bread. Want to learn more? Skim my CV or take a look at some of my projects. You can find me on Twitter, or reach me by email at benjamin.anderson [at]